The Old, the Young & the Sea

It’s been a long time since I’ve bought a movie online, but purchasing The Old, the Young & the Sea was definitely one of the most spontaneous and smart moves I’ve done in a while.

The Old, the Young & the Sea embarks on an adventurous documentary trip along the Atlantic Coast of France, Spain and Portugal. The movie frames a vivid snapshot of Europe’s post-modern coastal culture, which is significantly influenced by the hippie heritage of the 1960s, modern surfing pop-industry and the vital relationship of coastal inhabitants with Mother Nature. The movie introduces the audience into a world of cultural diversity, surprising encounters and the search for the spirit of traveling

This is not a surfer movie. This is not an adventure. This is a reflection of the beauty of life. And I do believe this is the kind of push many of us need to wake up and remember how awesome nature and… yeah, everything around us is. You don’t have to be the ditch-everything-and-travel kind of person to enjoy this. Actually, most of the people in this movie are very humble, smart, down to Earth and most importantly – responsible as surfing can be both pleasurable and dangerous. I think there are many truths engraved in the stories, frames and words of the portrayed characters, so yeah – if you can – watch it. I would definitely re-play this until I get everything out of those frames.

I don’t really want to ruin things for you and give away the plot, but I would like to share one section which made me get off bed and open eyes widely. The plot features Garrett McNamara – a professional big wave surfer and extreme waterman known for breaking the world record for largest wave ever surfed. Here’s a little part of his words and I thin they apply universally…

I just surf for the love of it. I mean it’s your choice, you can do things for this and that, but when you go out there you always have to check yourself – PCP. Present, Connected and Protected.

As long as you’re present, you are in the moment and you actually living life. Once you get in your head and you start thinking about the past or the future you are not even living in the moment. And you know – most of the people in the world are living in their head and they are not even enjoying whats going on. And if you’re not doing it for fun – then don’t do it. You are doing it for the wrong reasons.

There’s so much I would like to share or discuss with you, but it’s better if you’ve seen the movie. Then – we can always chat about it.

I have to be honest – watching this made me a bit sad and after the movie was over,  I opened the photo album from my last major trip around the south coast of Portugal & Spain. One the best months of my life. One car, few tents & friends. Sleeping wherever we consider beautiful. Fuck, can’t wait for the next big travel.


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