The brand – In The Middle of The Consumer Society

If the consumer society was an island, brands would definitely be in the middle of it. Bringing not only economical, but also cultural and purely psychological values, I believe that understanding the concept of the brands is quite important for everyone, regardless of being business-oriented or not. After all, willingly or not we all live in that consumer-centered society.

Frankly said, I came to the conclusion that choosing a topic to write a post on is the best motivation to actually learn something. Besides you get to share it with some people, so it is kind of a win-win situation. Anyhow!

brand-conceptsThroughout the 20th century, a lot of traditional communities where people bonded, lost their significance resulting in higher personal freedom, but also a loss of a certain sense of belonging. On the other hand, sociologists like Maslow argue that one of basic human needs involves the feeling of acceptance. That is why the more I think of brands, the more I realize their expansion is partially because they tend to satisfy that human need.

Based on what I’ve read, the question “what does the word brand mean” can evoke quite the number of different answers. However, in the essence of the answer lies the fact that people/consumers attach to brands emotions, beliefs, associations, feelings which add/remove value besides the intrinsic value of the good/service/ to which the brand is related to. Brands help companies differentiate from competitors and also influence the decision of the customer whether to engage in activity with the product or not.

A few more key fundamental features of a brand. Firstly, all the subjectivity we attach to them can totally change and improve the experience one has with a certain product/service. Secondly, you can say that in a way brands make the life of a consumer easier. Sometimes, from a consumer’s point of view, trusting/knowing a brand allows you to avoid making an actual choice and decision making. In an environment where we are constantly bombarded with choices, it is easier to go with what you know, trust, like and not assess all the other options out there. Otherwise buying shampoo might be like a game of chess. For example.

The truth is that with the shortened attention span and time limitations by consumers and the constantly reducing differences of products, at the end of the day in many cases it is the brand that tips the scale. Brands kind of “live” in each of us. And each brand may have as many personalities as the number of people recognizing it.

In that line of thought, I think that if we as consumers have at least a general grasp of the complex world of branding, that would improve our decision-making process when it comes to our economic activities.

Those guys surely branded themselves well.

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