Red Bull Stratos

Mission to the Edge of Space and Supersonic freefall

Update: After few days of delay due to bad weather conditions, Felix is up and about to do the jump! Watch live here:

*streaming deleted*

The guys from Red Bull did it again. They made the world talk, think, follow, share, like about their Stratos project. Thousands of people are waiting for the notable jump of Felix  Baumgartner (from 120,000 ft or roughly 37km) who will use a stratospheric balloon, reach supersonic speed and then parachuting to the ground.

What was surprising to me and some of my friends with whom we’ve discussed it is the previous record jump (102,800 ft or roughly 31 km). Not the actual hight but the year when it was set – 1960…  50 years ago! As much as I respect Felix and I’m pretty sure I won’t have the guts to do it, the previous record set by Joe Kittinger (who is part of the Red Bull team now) deserves admiration!

Despite being an awesome scientific project in order to collect data an a challenge, from a marketing point of view the mission did its purpose. Red Bull are all around the place!

Check out the support of the rest of the Red Bull extreme sports guys!


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