…Of Life, Music and Marketing

So somewhere in between writing my thesis (which deserves a special post later on), doing the online marketing internship and working on stereofox I felt the need to express myself more freely. I guess trigger for this blog is SocialMediaWeekBCN – really awesome event organized in the heart of Barcelona.

Iit is nice to have a place where I can share personal experiences I encounter while trying to survive in this life… and I don’t think Stereofox will be a suitable place for that.

I feel like there will be a lot written about marketing and all the various strategies I am trying to implement both at the workplace and for my personal project. I hope I can sparkle creative discussions with fellow marketers or people with opinion about the matter, who knows! No worries, there will be music – a lot of good music! Actually for this post I’ve selected the UK based band maybeshewill. Those guys have been on my player quite a lot these days!

Oh well, I’ll tune in later from Social Media Week Barcelona where I am attending “The meaning of Like and the funnel of Love” a lecture about Facebook (from what I understood)! More about the content and the lecturer itself – in the next post!



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