Marketing on Reddit. Really?

redditLately, I’ve been thinking quite a lot about Reddit. It took me a few months to find my way around all the subreddits and learn the basics of the reddiquette (nevertheless, I am far away from being the experienced user). Once you get used to it and get to know the crowd it might quickly become your home page.

I plan on featuring a lot of examples from Reddit in the future or probably discussion of possible ideas how to utilize the opportunities on there. Before that, I feel obliged to state that I view myself more as a redditor than a marketer trying to tap on traffic opportunities. The way I might approach it is to turn for opinion, feedback to fellow redditors or just show them something we create with Stereofox which might be useful for them. If I were to promote my products and make money out of it…well – it is totally different picture. I hope with time I manage to grasp the big picture by using examples and sharing them here.

Today’s hope is just a mere introduction to Reddit and I will use an Infographic found on Reddit (what a surprise!) created by  Prestige Marketing and damn they are correct, from what I’ve seen so far.

marketing on redditI hope you liked the Infographic. It sums up quite a lot useful information. It took me quite some time to get to those “revelations“.

What I find really useful in Reddit is the availability of fuck-tons of subreddits which makes it very easy to identify a certain niche or topic of interest. Therefore it is quite easy to find mind-like people as yourself – whether is for personal interests discussion, professional problems or even if you want to market something. Some of my favourite are r/InternetMarketing, r/Barcelona, r/Entrepreneur, r/LetsTalkMusic. You can tailor your subscription and find a lot of subreddits, get to know the crowd over there.

A friendly piece of advice – don’t be scared to ask questions or request feedback. Some people might bash you, but most of the redditors, if addressed properly will be kind and help you out. Beforehand, I strongly recommend reading the rediquette and browsing around for a few days. Be sure to do a search before posting – your question might have been already answered.

I want to elaborate on STEP 1 from the infographic. In my opinion, if one goes with the mindset of developing himself as an redditor just for the sake of having a strong influence later on so he can push his products on there… it might not be very successful. Obviously, there are scam strategies used by corporations like “farming” for “Karma-Whored” accounts but in my opinion Redditors are evolving fast and they will “smell” that. If you truly like the social network, contribute, discuss, submit other useful content later on you will be able to find the correct targeted audience for your products or service.

My view of Reddit is of a source of interesting content and opportunity to freely talk and receive  feedback from highly knowledgeable people. As much as I know it might be a good source to promote Stereofox I will try to do it honestly and heartly. If not – I will  be simply down-voted into the abyss.

I hope you liked of many posts from my Reddit category!



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