Marketing On Pinterest – The Other Side Of The Coin

pinterest marketingIt’s been some time since the last post but I’ve been busy with various projects. Anyhow – I felt like talking about marketing onĀ Pinterest and how I personally use it for marketing on Stereofox. I hope the following example provide some fresh new ideas to some of you! I believe it can be applied in a fields other than media/music/entertainment.

What is Pinterest?

  • a great visually-dominating social networks which allows connection mostly via images
  • comments, although possible, are not very common, at least in the “side” of Pintrest I’ve been lurking
  • social network extremely dominated by women
  • Used a lot by start-ups (expect examples in future posts)
  • Content-wise there’s a trend towards DYI and how-to-do

So yeah, the social network presents a good opportunity to “tell a story” to your fans or present your products in a organized manner. I’ve seen a few examples when big companies post pictures from their parties or the everyday life which in my opinion brings them closer to their customers! In that sense of utilization it reminds me of Instagram, which some brands use with the same idea.

Initial ideas and my total failure

Few months ago I had no clear idea on how to use Pinterest to market Stereofox, which basically is going to be a webpage to share music and promote upcoming bands. When I started the profile i struggled for quite some time – I got 4 followers for 2 weeks. I started by searching bands and repinning/commenting/liking those posts from other people with a hope of being followed back. Obviously I created an album where I put some pictures of bands but it didn’t took me a lot to realize this is not going to work out.

From 4 to 341 followers in a a few months


So it was time for a round 2 in the marketing on Pinterest battle. I followed a very simple logic and when I added a few new tricks on Pintrest I ended up with creating the perfect tool to attract new followers, improve the brand relationship with them and in the same time to be helpful to the rest of the Stereofox crew by supplying them with fresh new music every day. A few pinpoints from what happened with my brain:

  1. I found out if you invite people as “collaborators” to your album, when they accept, they automatically follow your profile
  2. Realized that I can increase fan loyalty if I can attract our fans as “partners” and ask them for their advice and opinion showing we do care of what they have to tell us
  3. Decided that creating a mutual board with pins from all our fans would not only show us what music they like but also would be a perfect database with interesting and diverse music

The outcome of those few thoughts in my head (click to read the subdescription):

After coming up with the board and the idea behind it all I did was to post some content from time to time and to identify target audience which might be interested in such boards – usually people who have boards related to music. The effect snow balled pretty quickly – more than 300 pins of great content, few discussions and more than 100 new followers! Once they accept our invitation the board automatically goes on their profile and it is exposed to their friends as well. Such board can turn into a perfect corner stone of your Pinterest marketing strategy accompanied with a few other boards where you promote your products/services etc.

Try to encourage discussions and show appreciation for the effort by your fans. Whenever I use a song from Pinterest which I share on our Facebook wall, I always snapshot the screen and put the picture on the board as a sign of appreciation to our contributors.

I hope you liked my short story. If you have any thoughts or ideas for improvement don’t hesitate and drop a comment below!



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