Google Reader Is Dead. Long Live Feedly.

Not sure how many if you are into the whole RSS thingy, but I will assume that there is at least one person reading this blog who will be affected by the death of Google Reader which will be in a week time from today. I will be honest – it took me a lot of years to finally jump on the bandwagon and started using it I realized how helpful it is.

google reader is dead


There is no point in prolonging the inevitable and keep reading the “Just a reminder” start message on Google reader. Let’s move on. That is why I thought of sharing my personal choice of the next RSS platform – Feedly. Integration is uber easy, interface – convinient and design-wise – quite enjoyable.

If I take a step back and talk about Google’s decision of shutting down Google Reader – well… I actually have no logical explanation of it. I’ve stumbled upon the theory that they want to push using social media as a medium to receive your RSS data (and in their case that’s Google+ plus)

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