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twitter-bird-white-on-blueHey there!

It has been a pretty busy weekend. Don’t get me wrong – I love being here and the experience is totally new for me, especially in comparison to the life in a city like Groningen with population of what… 150 000 people? Anyhow, my point is that time is a scarce resource in this city!

Despite the fact I haven’t discussed my Twitter strategies related to stereofox or even did a general overview of Twitter as a social media network, I would like to present you today a service I found out last week during Social Media Week in Barcelona. Before I even say something I must clarify that the presentation was in Spanish and my Spanish is still a bit poor. Obviously I got most of it, but I might have be wrong about some stuff! That is why the first thing I did after that is to check their service out!

The presentation was held by Luis Diaz (if I got his name correctly) who was quite enthusiastic about the service they offer. A service which is actually quite useful, especially when you have to deal with more followers. My personal twitter account (@himynameisivo) has been inactive for some time so as much as I try to revive it a bit, I still can manage very easily with the interface offered by twitter. On the other hand, there has been quite a lot of activity on  @wearestereofox account and it is hard to keep track of the people who follow, favourite, retweet or #FF.

As discussed in my previous post about Facebook, it is very important to keep improving the relationship with your followers constantly. It is also very important to reward the most loyal and interested ones as they can be used as an additional traffic source to your website or can increase your brand awareness. This is where @gamisfication comes in! I found a very interesting video which summarizes the possibilities you have using their services, the automatic functions coming with signing up with them (free of charge). As much as i voice annoying (no offence) its actually pretty cool video. Enjoy!

It is pretty easy to get your way around the interface and all you need to do is sign with your twitter account and select the automatic features you would like to us. Overall – easy to use, free, user-friendly interface and most importantly – very useful.



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