Flipboard. Now Social!

I won’t hide my excitement about the last update of probably the most used app on my tablet. “Everybody loves Flipboard“. OK, that wasn’t exactly true before, as there were quite some people, who had some (valid) feedback. However, with the 2.0 version of the app, things are going in the right direction!

It is definitely faster, however for me that was not a deal breaker anyways. What I do enjoy is the fact that you can save and collect your favourites into your own different magazines (private, public etc.). I think that building your own magazine, being consistent and being able to curate awesome content (yours or not) would be a good opportunities for many brands, who would like to establish themselves as a trustworthy source of information. I think is best if you check out the video below! I’m about to dig in a few magazines I’ll be building up the following days *wink*


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