Facebook Marketing – The Meaning Of Like And The Funnel Of Love

Facebook meaning of a like

Motivation is escalating! My head is full of ideas to write about but one thing at a time! The music is set – Bombay Bicycle Club (which you can hear below or set as a font during reading)! Let the writing begin! Oh, just so to clarify, I am a newbie in regards to the field of Marketing and I might be often wrong. I just feel like sharing my opinion and the way I see thing. Feel free to argue with me if you disagree, I am very curious to hear other people’s opinion!

As I’ve said before the reason for the blog, to some extend, is Social Media Week Barcelona (teleportation is out of the question for the time being so I was bounded to go to that event) which was amazing! The “Meaning of like and the funnel of love” was hands down the best lecture I saw during the week  so today I’ll try to summarize few of the things which stuck on my mind.

The lecture was held by Jemina Garthwaite (won’t provide any social network profiles, you can do the effort yourself) who did a great job – very charismatic, positive and open person, in my opinion. I even had the chance to exchange a few tweets with her and I hope next week when I have a question related to my marketing activities on Stereofox, she might give me some tips and guideline.

The essence of the lecture revolved around the “8 Lessons on Love (and engagement)” which Jemina shared with us. Obviously I am far from the thought I might recreate everything here and I bet some of you are already getting bored so I’ll just try to quickly summarize them. After all – if actually someone bothers to comment in the comment section below, there might be some space for further discussion!

facebook marketing

  1. The first lesson was related to brand’s own identity – i guess what stuck to my mind was that a brand in general (not only in terms of Facebook strategy) can represent something more than just a product or service. In short, I’ll just list you the examples which were given – FC Barcelona, which besides a football club are sometimes considered as a symbol of the Catalan identity which in my opinion as well is very beneficial for them. The second example was Redbull and their sponsorship of extreme sports and lets be honest – we’ve all seen those commercials. It makes you feel like having a energy drink. Or maybe that’s just me. Another word I would like to throw in from myself – consistence. If you know what I mean.
  2. Second lessons was called “Play on Rivalries”. I’ll skip the nike vs adidas and pepsi vs coke examples and jump to the Apple vs Microsoft battle, which…well we all know someone is losing on that battlefield. She mentioned Samsung’s attempt to place itself there with “The next big thing“. I guess being the biggest rival of Apple has its pro’s after all. And definitely creates more buzz about your brand.
  3. “Share ownership” – it is something I am trying to do with stereofox – to make the people part of the experience. How? I would share in another post my strategy, cause this is getting way too long! The example Jemina gave was Orange and their “Film club” and Keiser Chiefs‘s initiative where fans can “make” their own selection of songs for an album and then sell it on their website.
  4. “Be charitable” – needless to say when doing charity campaigns you have to be not only transparent but also you have to put a lot of heart into it. Why am I saying these uber obvious stuff? Who knows…
  5. “Reward your fans” – something which I intend to use a lot. The best example form the secton was a company which shared on their facebook the name of the first person who ever wrote something on their wall. Obviously there are tons of ideas related to that tip, which …might evolve into a separate post in the future!
  6. “Break the mould” – Yeah, about this one.. it is obviously nice to be the first-mover or the most unique brand or service or product, but let’s face it – it is not always possible. I’m being asked very often “there are many music websites who write reviews, why do you started Stereofox” – well yeah, but a simple example – there are many radios or TV stations for example. Why there isn’t only one? Key word – CONTENT – music, books, movies – its just way too much. You don’t have to be pioneer. Sometimes if you give the ultimate user experience it might be enough to succeed.
  7. “Collaborate” – one of the most important tips at the lecture. I believe it is very imporant for every business to be willing to collaborate. Sometimes even with competitors.
  8. “Organic growth” – something I am huge fan of. I prefer to obtain 3-4-5 fans a day, but organic ones than abusing the like and follow on Twitter and Facebook for the sake of like. As Jemina said, don’t obsess too much! I rather spending some time on the social networks, find people who might be interested in what I offer, engage personally and then naturally “lead” them in the direction I want.

I’ve written way too much and yet – not feeling even close to finishing what I have to say. I will continue the Facebook (and marketing) on those advices later on in the blog so stay tuned! I hope you like the song I selected for the post!



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