Facebook Home. Are They Shooting Themselves In The Foot?

For the past few hours, the majority of my social media feeds and the headlines in the major media I follow have been overflowing with the word Facebook, so I thought of jumping on the bandwagon and ranting a little bit about the something called “Home”. No worries, it will become slightly clearer a few lines down the text.

Not surprisingly, many people were expecting the company to try to enter the mobile devices market. However, that didn’t happen by introducing a separate device, but by creating this “enhancement suit” for its platform, which basically, what I think it does, is that it allows Facebook to control your communication to an even greater extend. You know, because it is just not enough.

So, “Facebook Home” will put updates from your newsfeed straight on your home screen or the way I see it – Facebook is the first thing you see when you unlock your mobile device. Another feature they add is something called “chat heads” (look below). Basically, when people write to you, their profile pictures (heads) will pop up on your screen, regardless of the application you are using and you will be able to talk to them without switching between apps. Yes, that does seem cool, but my Facebook contacts are not necessary the people I really want to talk to. I have something like 50 to 100 numbers on my mobile device contact list and more than 1000 people on Facebook. Besides, the fact that I am on my phone does not necessary mean I want to talk to those people.

Another issue related to that. Imagine the following situation. It’s Monday morning, you’re rushing to catch the train to work. You casually open your home screen to access an app for the train time schedule and a head pops up. It is already there so it is highly probable you miss-click on it and open the message, then that poor person gets the extremely annoyingseen at 8:38AM” message and you kind of feel obliged to response. And damn it, it’s 8:30 am on a Monday.


After reading through a few articles and the comments section (which most of the time are more useful than the article itself), I came to a conclusion. Too much branding…kills a brand. My biggest question is…are they shooting themselves in the foot?

As a friend of mine (very knowledgeable in the field) pointed out, “If facebook keeps on copying popular start ups or buying them because they are afraid of competition or keep on refusing access to their API as soon as a app/service/platform becomes popular quickly because again their are afraid of competition, instead of listening to the data privacy concerns out there. then they might have a problem sooner or later“.

Oh, well. Despite everything written above, I’ll be honest with you. There are currently 2 tabs opened on my browser. WordPress and…

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