Tweet  One of the downsides of the transformation of what used to be my blog into what Stereofox is today is the fact that the whole quest for growth and exposure took away that place where I (often) honestly and without a second thought shared whatever thoughts were running through my head. Like an online […]

Bukowski In The Sky – First Breath After Dinosauria

TweetThe strongest of the strange by Charles Bukowski You don’t see them often, for wherever the crowd is, they are not. These odd ones, not many, but from them come the few good paintings, the few good symphonies, the few good books and other works…and from the best of the strange ones perhaps nothing. They […]

Caspian And Syberia – The Post-Rock Concert Of The Year

Tweet 26th of October. Friday. Another beautiful day in Barcelona. Last night’s rain had washed all the dirt and now the warm autumn sun was covering parts of the Eixample neighbourhood. “The walk to work today will be pleasant” I thought to myself and pleasant it was.  The shuffle mode on my player was ON […]

Caspian – Waking Season Barcelona Concert

TweetSo yeah, as it says in the sub-title there will be a lot of music on the blog as well. It’s just inevitable part of my life, not only as an amateur…musicians (I so don’t wanna use that word) but also part of my most important project and… well I just love it. Its my […]

Our History Will Be What We Make Of It

TweetOur lives will be what we make of them. I guess that’s all I have to say now in relation to the song and the “lyrics” if you can refer to them as “lyrics“. I have to say I am fan of post-rock bands using samples of speeches in their songs. Once in a short-lived […]