The Old, the Young & the Sea

It’s been a long time since I’ve bought a movie online, but purchasing The Old, the Young & the Sea was definitely one of the most spontaneous and smart moves I’ve done in a while. The Old, the Young & the Sea embarks on an adventurous documentary trip along the Atlantic Coast of France, Spain

Make Me Wonder

The new beginning For one, two and many more reasons and circumstances, I’ve decided to finally finish the design of this page and try to go back to occasional blogging besides Stereofox. 800 posts for 16 months is more than enough, but writing about music sometimes is just… hmm. I would like to try to share

Long Forgotten [a short story]

This is a slightly re-written short story I wrote some years ago. Blood. It was everywhere. Literally everywhere. Dripping from his hands, covering his jeans and the gray t-shirt of some mediocre metalcore band, which nobody remembered. “This time there’s no tomorrow” he thought to himself, while lighting a cigarette. “Do I even smoke… where