Product Placement – How Far Would We Go?

TweetI’ve been rushing through a few marketing books I found online (all of them published after 2010) and I noticed that the authors strongly emphasize on the fact that marketing a product/service is nothing compared to marketing an experience. I mean I get it. We don’t live in the beginning of the 20th century, where […]

First Steps Into E-mail Marketing – Mailchimp

TweetWe’re about to launch a free for download compilation for Stereofox (check out the kick-ass artwork) and because of that I had to dig into MailChimp – a service which I barely knew just a few days ago. Frankly said, I expected it to be more complicated and I am very relieved that I managed […]

Marketing On Pinterest – The Other Side Of The Coin

TweetIt’s been some time since the last post but I’ve been busy with various projects. Anyhow – I felt like talking about marketing on Pinterest and how I personally use it for marketing on Stereofox. I hope the following example provide some fresh new ideas to some of you! I believe it can be applied in […]

Marketing on Reddit. Really?

TweetLately, I’ve been thinking quite a lot about Reddit. It took me a few months to find my way around all the subreddits and learn the basics of the reddiquette (nevertheless, I am far away from being the experienced user). Once you get used to it and get to know the crowd it might quickly […]

Gamisfication – Your Tiny Twitter Helper

TweetHey there! It has been a pretty busy weekend. Don’t get me wrong – I love being here and the experience is totally new for me, especially in comparison to the life in a city like Groningen with population of what… 150 000 people? Anyhow, my point is that time is a scarce resource in […]

…Of Life, Music and Marketing

TweetSo somewhere in between writing my thesis (which deserves a special post later on), doing the online marketing internship and working on stereofox I felt the need to express myself more freely. I guess trigger for this blog is SocialMediaWeekBCN – really awesome event organized in the heart of Barcelona. Iit is nice to have […]