Caspian – Waking Season Barcelona Concert

caspian bandSo yeah, as it says in the sub-title there will be a lot of music on the blog as well. It’s just inevitable part of my life, not only as an amateur…musicians (I so don’t wanna use that word) but also part of my most important project and… well I just love it. Its my engine. Yesterday I finally bought a ticket for Caspian‘s show in Barcelona and I am overly excited. I’m just getting into their latest album, but so far has been mindblowing. The progression, melody, intensive drum parts. Everything is beyond describable. I guess when you reach 5:40 on the video below you will know what I mean!

So yeah – Monday 22nd of October – Caspian and Syberia – a local post-rock band which I found before coming to Barcelona. Their EP kicks ass and I’ve been dying to see them live. Their post-rock is a bit more…aggressive than Caspian and I think the combination of the two band would be awesome! The gig will be at Sidecar! Don’t miss out on their stuff! The poster is pretty cool and I hope I lay my hands on one. I think it has been made by error design?

What I wanted to bring up to your attention was a live I stumbled upon just a few minutes ago. I hope you like it Рa truly inspirational post-rock video. The guys are awesome and its cool how positive the drummer is!

I don’t want to waste your time, all I can tell you now that whether you are post-rock fan or not you won’t lose by seeing this live!


I guess for me “Waking Season” is THE album of 2012 and I cannot write to properly review it later on when Stereofox is up and running.



updated: Stereofox review

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