Caspian – Waking Season Barcelona Concert

So yeah, as it says in the sub-title there will be a lot of music on the blog as well. It’s just inevitable part of my life, not only as an amateur…musicians (I so don’t wanna use that word) but also part of my most important project and… well I just love it. Its my […]

Red Bull Stratos

Mission to the Edge of Space and Supersonic freefall Update: After few days of delay due to bad weather conditions, Felix is up and about to do the jump! Watch live here: *streaming deleted* The guys from Red Bull did it again. They made the world talk, think, follow, share, like about their Stratos project. […]

Gamisfication – Your Tiny Twitter Helper

Hey there! It has been a pretty busy weekend. Don’t get me wrong – I love being here and the experience is totally new for me, especially in comparison to the life in a city like Groningen with population of what… 150 000 people? Anyhow, my point is that time is a scarce resource in […]

Our History Will Be What We Make Of It

Our lives will be what we make of them. I guess that’s all I have to say now in relation to the song and the “lyrics” if you can refer to them as “lyrics“. I have to say I am fan of post-rock bands using samples of speeches in their songs. Once in a short-lived […]

…Of Life, Music and Marketing

So somewhere in between writing my thesis (which deserves a special post later on), doing the online marketing internship and working on stereofox I felt the need to express myself more freely. I guess trigger for this blog is SocialMediaWeekBCN – really awesome event organized in the heart of Barcelona. Iit is nice to have […]