How To Add Twitter Cards – Guide

Having a content-based website/blog and keeping a good relationship with your readers resembles the love life in a marriage. Not that I have a solid experience when it comes to marriage or anything, its just… Anyhow! Lets say your love life (content) goes well throughout the years. However, you don’t want it to go just […]

Google Reader Is Dead. Long Live Feedly.

Not sure how many if you are into the whole RSS thingy, but I will assume that there is at least one person reading this blog who will be affected by the death of Google Reader which will be in a week time from today. I will be honest – it took me a lot […]


  One of the downsides of the transformation of what used to be my blog into what Stereofox is today is the fact that the whole quest for growth and exposure took away that place where I (often) honestly and without a second thought shared whatever thoughts were running through my head. Like an online […]

The brand – In The Middle of The Consumer Society

If the consumer society was an island, brands would definitely be in the middle of it. Bringing not only economical, but also cultural and purely psychological values, I believe that understanding the concept of the brands is quite important for everyone, regardless of being business-oriented or not. After all, willingly or not we all live […]

Mashable Facebook Home Poll Results

Hey, guys! OK, it’s Friday, so obviously – enough work, but here’s something interesting I just thought of sharing. Besides, there is a really nice song at the end of the post. A good weekend indie tune! So, I just filled in the poll about FB Home and I kind of summarized all the results […]

Facebook Home. Are They Shooting Themselves In The Foot?

For the past few hours, the majority of my social media feeds and the headlines in the major media I follow have been overflowing with the word Facebook, so I thought of jumping on the bandwagon and ranting a little bit about the something called “Home”. No worries, it will become slightly clearer a few […]

Flipboard. Now Social!

I won’t hide my excitement about the last update of probably the most used app on my tablet. “Everybody loves Flipboard“. OK, that wasn’t exactly true before, as there were quite some people, who had some (valid) feedback. However, with the 2.0 version of the app, things are going in the right direction! It is […]