Product Placement – How Far Would We Go?

TweetI’ve been rushing through a few marketing books I found online (all of them published after 2010) and I noticed that the authors strongly emphasize on the fact that marketing a product/service is nothing compared to marketing an experience. I mean I get it. We don’t live in the beginning of the 20th century, where […]

Bukowski In The Sky – First Breath After Dinosauria

TweetThe strongest of the strange by Charles Bukowski You don’t see them often, for wherever the crowd is, they are not. These odd ones, not many, but from them come the few good paintings, the few good symphonies, the few good books and other works…and from the best of the strange ones perhaps nothing. They […]

Few Interviews & Articles About Stereofox

TweetI thought of putting together all interviews we gave so far for the project, in case someone wants to get…an insight of whats the idea behind Stereofox and where are we going! The first one we did was for a Spanish communication blog called Inventaria. Don’t worry – the English version is below so just […]

First Steps Into E-mail Marketing – Mailchimp

TweetWe’re about to launch a free for download compilation for Stereofox (check out the kick-ass artwork) and because of that I had to dig into MailChimp – a service which I barely knew just a few days ago. Frankly said, I expected it to be more complicated and I am very relieved that I managed […]

Marketing On Pinterest – The Other Side Of The Coin

TweetIt’s been some time since the last post but I’ve been busy with various projects. Anyhow – I felt like talking about marketing on Pinterest and how I personally use it for marketing on Stereofox. I hope the following example provide some fresh new ideas to some of you! I believe it can be applied in […]

Caspian And Syberia – The Post-Rock Concert Of The Year

Tweet 26th of October. Friday. Another beautiful day in Barcelona. Last night’s rain had washed all the dirt and now the warm autumn sun was covering parts of the Eixample neighbourhood. “The walk to work today will be pleasant” I thought to myself and pleasant it was.  The shuffle mode on my player was ON […]

Marketing on Reddit. Really?

TweetLately, I’ve been thinking quite a lot about Reddit. It took me a few months to find my way around all the subreddits and learn the basics of the reddiquette (nevertheless, I am far away from being the experienced user). Once you get used to it and get to know the crowd it might quickly […]