For the record, writing about yourself is kinda weird

Hi, my name is Ivo. I am into post-rock music, occasionally sit behind a drum kit and have seen all “The Office” seasons 9 times. Traveling has always been a passion and I’ve had the chance to live in places like the United States, the Netherlands, Spain and now – Germany. Not complaining.

I’m a graduate from the University of Groningen and I hold a MSc degree in “International Business & Management”. However, for some reason (not keen on wearing suits all the time) I got into the whole digital marketing thing and I absolutely love it!


Random sequence of words which appear in my mind

OK, obviously there's more.

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Put a cool filter, take a picture of a nice desk, vintage camera and a Mac and people would really think you know Social Media.



Besides marketing, here are some attempts to be creative


Wanna grab a beer? Say hi when you're in Berlin.

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