For the record, writing about yourself is kinda weird

Hi, my name is Ivo. I am into post-rock music, occasionally sit behind a drum kit and have seen all “The Office” seasons 9 times. Traveling has always been a passion and I’ve had the chance to live in places like the United States, the Netherlands, Spain and now – Germany. Not complaining.

I’m a graduate from the University of Groningen and I hold a MSc degree in “International Business & Management”. However, for some reason (not keen on wearing suits all the time) I got into the whole digital marketing thing and I absolutely love it!

Currently, I’m working as an online marketing manager at a mobile payments company called payleven in Berlin. In my free time I’m trying to run a music website called Stereofox, so if you are in the whole music thingy check us out or this awesome interview for Venture Village. Also, we’ve got a cool logo!


Social Media / Community Management
Marketing Strategy, Branding & Communication
Monitoring, Measurement & Optimization
Facebook advertising
Google Sponsored Promotions Advertising
HTML / CSS / JQuery
Not Being An Asshole


Google Analytics
Adobe Photoshop
MS Office
Google Tag Manager
Adobe After Effects

Life is too short to listen to bad music. Check out Stereofox



Random sequence of words which appear in my mind

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Make Me Wonder

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OK, obviously there's more.

Other posts

Put a cool filter, take a picture of a nice desk, vintage camera and a Mac and people would really think you know Social Media.



Besides marketing, here are some attempts to be creative


Wanna grab a beer? Say hi when you're in Berlin.

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